15 top fashion blogs to follow

There has been a strong growth in the number of fashion blogs on the internet. Fashion blogs are websites that are like digital diaries which showcase an individual’s unique characteristic and talent. In this case, the talent being able to dress up effortlessly in stunning outfits.

Fashion bloggers have a massive fan following and whatever they wear becomes the current trend. The bloggers are doing so well that they sometimes even earn more than models and sign contracts with modelling agencies. Some of the best fashion blogs to follow are:

What are the top fashion blogs to follow?
What are the top fashion blogs to follow?

Gal meets glam: Run by Julia Engel, this blog is a source of inspiration for people interested in everything from fashion and beauty to travel and home. The blog was started in 2011 when Julia was a College junior studying Business.

Sazan: Sazan Barzani is a beauty blogger based in Los-Angeles. Her blog Sazan, previously known as Spazmag.com gives online audience a ride into the wonderful world of fashion and style.

Nany’s klozet: Daniela Ramirez, is a blogger residing in Miami. She started popular blog called Nany’s Klozet which shows her readers her adventures in fashion and travel around Miami.

On the Bright side: Marianna started this blog in late 2014 where she shares with her readers about her everyday life, her fears and hopes for the future and most importantly her love for all things fashion.

Style Fiesta: Style Fiesta started by Masoom Minawala is an Indian blog that comprises of inspirations and trends and everything to do with style and fashion.

Style Drive: Style drive is different perception to style and fashion and is run by Indian based blogger Aayushi Bangur that has all the current trends, styling ideas and reviews on products.

Style fashion Etc: This blog was started in 2010 by Srishti and Aman , two friends based in India and who have a love for all things fashion.

Fashion Vibe: Barcelona based Style blogger, Zina Charkoplia can throw on a pair of tomboy jeans casually with a top and still own the outfit. Not many can boast of such effortless styling flairs so it’s no wonder that her blog Fashion Vibe is one of the most popular ones on the net.

K is for Kani: Connie is a style, travel and fashion blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. Since the launch of the blog, Connie has partnered with many famous brands including Pandora Jewellery and Maybelline.

Kayture: Managed by Kristina Bazan, Kayture is a beauty and fashion blog based in Geneva, Switzerland. Kristina started the blog when she was only 18 and talks about everything from clothing to makeup and food.


The Blonde Salad: Run by Chiara Ferrangni, an Italian who is now based in Los Angeles has a huge following of 3 million Instagram followers. She is as popular as any celebrity.

Gary Pepper Girl: Sydney based Nicole Warne manages her blog and a vintage e-commerce site in 2009 and it has now grown to become one of the most popular blogs in the country.

Style Scrapbook: Managed by Andy Torres over 7 years ago to share with her readers about her dreams and goals. Born in Mexico but based in Amsterdam. Her blog has continued to grow and there has been no looking back.

Sincerely Jules: Founded by Julie Sarianana in February 2009, this is a creative outlet to express her thoughts and inspirations and everything else related to fashion.

Hapa Time: Run by Jessica, who is half Japanese and half Caucasian, this blog showcases the creative and artistic style of life and fashion.

What is your favourite top fashion blog? Feel free to add your comment below to make this list complete!

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